Single Exhaust Cutout

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Here's how they work:

Step 1) Enjoy your normal exhaust while driving
Step 2) Get ready to impress onlookers and haters
Step 3) Press switch to activate cutouts to "open" mode
Step 4) Perform gigantic burnout or warp-like acceleration
Step 5) Press switch to close the cutout and return to "normal" mature behavior.

How do they install?

After locating a section somewhere after the O2 Sensors (if installed) and before the mufflers to install the cutouts, you cut an oval-shaped hole in the exhaust pipes, weld the units into place, and then run the wires up into the interior. Mount the switch, and you are ready to go!
To open the cutout, you press a switch, which opens the exhaust valves, releasing your herculean exhaust note. This enables you to bypass your muffler, increasing horsepower and giving your car an extremely throaty rumble.

Low-Profile cutout features:

-4 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
-Maintenance-free design!
-CNC Machined 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum body.
-.375 diameter 316 Stainless Steel Shaft
-Torrington Needle Bearings for years of trouble-free service.
-High torque gear motor.
-Plug and play 16GA Belden Wiring Harness.
-Fits a 3" Exhaust but can be easily modified to fit any size.
-A small black rocker switch is only .75"X.50" (This is not the One-Touch Module*) 
- Stainless steel mount and a bolt-on turn down.

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